In Memory of the Rosewood Massacre and it's Survivors

January 19, 2010
In the South

Deep down in the south
Where one woman opened her mouth
To speak of what was untrue
From person to person the story grew
She stated she was assaulted and beat
Instead of admitting that on her husband she has cheat
She claimed it was one of the local Negro’s
It’s now no longer a question of friend but foe
The white men gathered and started a search
For the man that interrupted their perch
For days they killed innocent colored folk
Burning half the town but still she never spoke
She allowed her neighbors and friends to die in cold blood
And still her imaginary attacker is a dud
Women and children must hide in the marsh
And bare the temperature harsh
Only a few survived this massacre
And only ONE white man really did deter
Seventy years later this event was finally acknowledged
They have now received what they deserved
Even the woman who opened her mouth
Deep down in the south.

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