January 3, 2010
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Fear will get you. Will it? Won’t it?
Fear will get you in your highest moment.

It will cut you off when you are miles above,
It will cost you your one true love.

It is the fear to be hurt, to endure,
All the pain that you have felt before.

To put aside all the other guys,
And give just one more a try.

It is the difference between yes and no, no and yes,
It can stop your heart dead in your chest.

Fear will stop you from giving peace a chance,
Fear will say no to the last dance.

Fear is what separates the jocks and the nerds,
It’s fear that stops us from saying three words.

It is not money, fame or politics,
Fear is what is wrong with us.

So will you let it? Will fear get you?
Are you brave enough to whisper “I do”?

Can you say goodbye to your best friend?
Can you ever learn to love again?

Can you stand up for what is right?
Do you have the courage to begin a new life?

Do you have the power to really leave him?
Will you actually fight for freedom?

Can you walk under a ladder on the thirteenth of July?
Do you really think you can break a mirror if you try?

Can you shake hands with the devil and still smile?
Can you scream in pain and laugh all the while?

Can you really take pride in having tried?
Can you look death square in the eye?

Can you sit back and enjoy a sunset?
Can you learn to live without regrets?

Can you give one hundred percent in all that you do?
Can you begin to love anew?

Can you tell your past without a lie?
Can you truly be proud to cry?

And what we do, where we go,
Fear will be an unwelcome foe.

It will tear at you until you can’t breathe,
It will cut you just to watch you bleed.

Hiding in the shadows, in the smiles of friends,
Fear is with us until the bitter end.

When we can finally take a stand and say,
“Fear will not get to me today.”

But that is easier said than done,
In the battle of wits, fear has won.

It can’t be killed, it cannot be stopped.
Fear will enter, it won’t knock.

No matter where we hide, it will be here.
Maybe that is why they call it fear.

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