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December 31, 2009
By Enjeru-chan BRONZE, South Holland, Illinois
Enjeru-chan BRONZE, South Holland, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”

André Gide

I wish that I could take your hand
and place it on my beating heart
and whisper softly in your ear
that I've loved you from the start.

I wish that I could pull you close,
hold you, love you, make you know
that my desire is to be yours completely,
to the ends of the earth, for you, I would go.

I wish that you could gaze into my eyes
and see what truly lies there-
my wants, my needs, my hopes, my dreams,
my tears, my fears, my love and care

I wish that I could place this world
at your most deserving feet.
I wish that I could fullfil your dreams,
and ever need, want, and desire meet.

I wish that you could look into my heart soul and mind,
I wish that you could truly see
the depth of my emotion, the breadth of my love-
what you really mean to me

But wishes are like our fondests hopes
and sweetest dreams so dear;
and with the coming of the light,
sadly, they disappear.

Never realized, only yearned for,
cherished fantasies so real.
Never attained, but still the pain of the loss
is all I can feel.


Though I feel the pain, the true loss is yours,
simply because you will never know
the passion, devotion, the love and care
that only I can bestow.

I will go on, as will you,
and one day you will see:
You passed up a good thing, the very best.
And you will know that the thing
was ME!

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