December 22, 2009
By Anonymous

With one book left behind,
A soul searching quest is what you will find.
As you turn the pages or unravel the scrolls
You’ll see how man became unwhole.
No one can save you but the one above
Who came to this earth, bringing his love.
Death on the cross was the only way.
People take it for granted, but find it okay.
None can compare to the Savior alone
Who has already rose and journeyed back home.
He sits quietly waiting upon this great throne,
Waiting to see who will follow him home.
There are few who will make it down the narrowing path,
But those who survive will have vengeance at last.
The few humble warriors who make it til then
Will soon be brought up in a great, mighty wind.
And for those who will die day after day
Down in the lake of fire and dismay,
Find it hard to look up to heaven above
Knowing the missed out on a chance of great love.
Singing, rejoicing, seeing His face,
The ones who are blessed are praised with His grace.
How simple it was for the few and the blessed.
They were happy to know at last they could rest.
How sweet the voices in Heaven will sound,
The trumpets and harps all making their rounds.
How beautiful the sight of people in white,
Walking around and sharing the Light.
O how wondrous it would feel not to roam
After hearing my Father say, ”At last, you’re at home.”

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