December 22, 2009
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I had undying faith in the sky,
The silver chains reaching to the stars,
A staircase of moonlight and magic,
My silhouette against the shadow of Mars,

My God held the strings that I swung on,
My unfailing belief was in his hands,
In my eyes, gravity was a lesser power,
Until I lay sprawled in the golden sands.

The sun was a glowing candle,
Held up against a backdrop of midnight,
He was the solider just back from war,
Drenched in the summer sunlight,

His voice echoed through the blades,
Dancing against my temple, bare
The guitar strings resonated behind,
As vanilla swept through my hair,

I found him in the lemonade sunshine,
Sleeping under lightning and shade,
The stars let go of the atmosphere,
And fell into the ground where I laid,

I still have undying faith in the sky,
It pulled me to my feet one summer night,
Whispered all it's secrets to my innocence,
And showered my dreams with heavenly light.

And I was thankful for the sweet sleep,
My eyes were warring of defending my dreams,
The world, I realize, wouldn't be so beautiful
If the truth wasn't as perfect as it seems.

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