#25 (Snow and sleet)

December 22, 2009
By Mortal SILVER, Trumbull, Connecticut
Mortal SILVER, Trumbull, Connecticut
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Before the days of snow and sleet
we lived in weeks of wind and heat,

And then the air grew cool.

The breeze that once blew so strong
faded quickly then was gone.

Leaving us in naked skin.

We glanced around and saw ourselves,
standing peeled without our shells.

And wondered what we had been thinking.

Swiftly then we reached for drapes,
to cover what we now forsake.

Our bare flesh bringing us to shame.

We hide behind our cloths from sight,
and stared stunned at the fading light

That between us glowed so brightly.

In our bared flesh we stand
no longer joined hand in hand

embarrassed by our old embrace.

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