The Quarter

December 22, 2009
By OverlyDramatic BRONZE, Ringgold, Georgia
OverlyDramatic BRONZE, Ringgold, Georgia
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A shiny quarter
upon the ground
is the reason
you bent down

to take a look
but it wasn't
you who the
quarter took

You placed it back
on the floor
for someone else
needs it more

Later that day
a child smiled
as he saw it
on his way

He grabbed it
and into his pocket
it went
but it was soon spent

A bubblegum machine
in his doctors office
now met its quota
for there went the quarter
in his pocket

He placed the gumball
in his mouth
and sat there quietly
till the doctor
came out

He had to get
three shots today
but that gumball
kept the tears away

the man who owned
the bubblegum machine
was a single father
an ex marine

It was just
the right amount
to pay the bills
so he took his son sledding
down the hill

The house was
invaded later that day
but no one was hurt
you saved the day

All because
you realized
someone else
needed that quarter

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