A "Ladies First" Ballad

January 7, 2010
By 11omiller BRONZE, Somerset, Ohio
11omiller BRONZE, Somerset, Ohio
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Oh! Go ask the God called Hephaestus
Why I am a feminist
I’ve lived the twentieth century
My reason’s birth dates B.C

History repeats itself
As does mankind’s greed
Who stole the flame of Zeus
Which they felt they need

We, ladies, are a kind punishment
For the evil man’s disgrace
The world’s hospitality saying
“Welcome to the Human race”

Hermes with the gift of craft and lies
We use to our advantage
Every time when looking in your eyes
….And into another mans

Athena gave us wisdom
A tight legacy of weaving
Instead, she gave you breath
Which will be useless after death

Aphrodite gave
A gift of Love and Beauty
Curse wrapped with a bow
We learn to give as we grow

All the gifts unwrapped and open
Except Pandora’s box
She opens her curiosity
And Man’s forbidding locks

Out flies, death, hate, disease, war, which
Today are still received
Addressed to a fault of women
Or so it is believed

But left inside was hope, whether
It prolongs the torment of man
Or it is a thing with a feather
That flew out into the world.

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