Intense Fear

December 21, 2009
By Mike-The-Situation BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Mike-The-Situation BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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As I glanecd at the enourmous object, sweat filled my hands./ The sound of it alone drowned out that of the nearby bands./ I reluctantly took a step forward in the long line./ As we approached the roller coaster, my bones felt like pine.// My friend Jerry said, "Its okay MIke it's only a ride."/ I replied, I'm not nervous" and I knew I had just lied./ I was ashamed of myself for being such a chicken./ I knew if my friend saw me as a wimp, I would sicken.// The town fair began to be hovered by clouds, dark and wide./ I prayed for rain so my date with teh ride be put aside./ Just as soon as the clouds collided, they separated./ Again, all of my hope seemed to be evaporated.// We wre next and although it was hot, I was shivering./ We gave the man our tickets while I was still quivering./ Each cart was black with a fiery red design on it./ Hence the name: INFERNO COASTER which made me want to quit.// Jerry urged we take the front, as it would be more thrilling./ Sitting there was an experience that was quite chilling./ I was quick to put on my seatbelt and strapped it tightly./ Awaiting the start of the ride, my eyes were closed slightly.// At last, each person was strapped in and the ride was started./ I clutched the seat fiercely as the ride upwardly darted./ My eyes were now completely closed as the ride shot up./ It swiftly stopped high uo and I felt like God was close-up.// It felt like we were there for what seemed to be forever./ Each second seemed like an hour and we would get down never./ At last, the cart began to slowly start its descent down./ I could now see a straight downward drop and I made a frown.// The carts moved so fast that I could no even move my lip./ I held on for dear life hoping my grip on the seat wouldn't slip./ Everyone on the ride was screaming with joy except for me./ I was screaming with so much fear that I was about to pee.// The rest of the ride was a couple of turns, twirls, and twists./ It finally slowed down as I took the seat from my wrists./ I let out a sigh of relief as the ride stopped at last./ Unlike him, I was shaking like a windy piece of grass.// "Wow wasn't that excting" Jerry sain intensly./ "Yea I have to admit, that was awesome" I lied intensly./ "Now we go on that ride" he said pointing the other way./ I saw a bigger ride and I was about to decay.//

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