Beauty In The Blade

November 15, 2009
By , St. Charles, MO
A thin little line,
Of crimson colored beads.
They lay upon my arm,
soon join to form a stream.

The feeling I have,
Oh, its of a wonderful dream.
But shhh... this is my secret,
If they knew, I would hear their screams.

Man, how I missed You,
Almost two months without my baby.
But now I see a silver shining beauty.
I'll use you again for another line,
Maybe. Just maybe.

Oh now there is two,
But lets go for three.
Yea, the medication is working,
But this is my own high that lets me go free.

Opps, now there is four.
Wow, this is so nice.
I need to do it again,
But for now this should sivice.

I have five thin streaks,
Laying in the catch of my arm.
I feel so impowered and viberant.
I mean no perment harm.

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