Love Can Hurt

September 18, 2009
How could I be so stupid?
To not see this coming
To not believe the people around me
He showed me the world
But I paid the price for falling in love

He was the school hottie and I was just the new girl
He smiled a danger smile
I just smiled a sly smile
When he first talked to me it was love at first sight
Until the day he snapped

He grabbed me by my waist chain when he saw me with Jonathan
When I got home there was a welt on my waist
He apologized over and over the next day and I forgave him
But it never changed how he treated me
People would see the bruises on me but I always had an excuse to protect him
Until the day he came up with a new way to “punish” me
He would bite me
Leaving marks on my arms and neck
That’s when my friend decided enough was enough
It was hard seeing him being dragged away
To see the only one you ever loved being dragged away from your life

I still love him no matter what he did
The scares are starting to go away
But the way he treated me and the way he so wrongly yelled
Will never leave my head
Even after all of this I still LOVE HIM

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EnigmaticBeing said...
Jul. 27, 2011 at 1:21 pm
Geez... This is some deep stuff dude... I hope you're okay and please realize that he's not the only guy you'll ever love. I promise there are real men out there. They aren't all assholes. But this one certainly is and he better be getting what he deserves.
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