"I love you"

November 20, 2009
Well he’s a real good guy. He’s on the football team. It seems that he’s got everything I need. He makes me smile, he holds me tight, and he tells me “everything’s gonna be alright.” But he says that he’s not the guy for me..
Bridge – (I don’t understand, I am so confused, please tell me what I need to do..! cause..)
Chorus – (Every time I see his eyes, hear his voice, or feel his touch, my knees get week and my head starts to rush. It’s killing me, I can’t breathe, but if he only knew.. That all I really want in this world is for him to look me in the eyes and softly say “I love you.”)

Well he’s a Georgia fan, and he’s really sweet. I’d like to know if he’s thinking bout me. He says I’m amazing and that he loves my smile. Oh it’s been awhile. Maybe he’ll open his eyes and see..

I’ve been over this so many times. I’ve written it down and memorized the lines. He just doesn’t see what he’s doing to me. This should be considered a crime.
Every time (3x)
“I love you..” (3x)

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***Rain*** said...
Apr. 12, 2010 at 3:44 pm
I love it. Every emotion you put into this piece. I know exactly what this is like to go through because I'm going through this right now. I'm definatley going to keep an eye on your work. :) Would you look at some of my stuff? I think you would like them and I would love your opinion. :)
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