As Told By An Angel

November 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Told by an angel looking down below,
I am lying here dying and you're just about to know.
Tears have become proper for what you're about to see -
The breath of life taken - upon the helpless body of me.

A life that was full of love, and memories to keep,
The passion and lust in your eyes, upon we were about to sleep.
The goodnight kisses and gentle strokes upon my hair,
Wherever I may end up, I forever hope to see you there.

Teenage love and it grew strong, sipping cokes beneath the stars,
The blessed kisses of dark night sky, for it was always ours.
It was in our tender years that I told you a something that I felt so true,
Gently cradling your sleepy head - I whispered "Darling I love you..."

I feel it so strong, even though I am about to black out,
The love and romance, If I had the strength I would surely shout out.
That I love you! I do! Because it breaks my heart to ponder,
That you never heard me tell you then and now I leave you restlessly to wander.

Weak as I am, I support your heavy head sobbing on my shoulder,
Pounding skull and mind gone astray only a few pounds feeling like a boulder.
Frail body of mine, pressure soon to break and I will slowly drift away,
So with every ounce of strength that is in me... I find it difficult to make say...

Wetting my chapped lips and tasting chemicals and so,
I will tell you to forever affirm that my honey will know...

You had turned back to the carefree person I once knew,
Because now and forever... "I Lo-"


The author's comments:
I was feeling a bit sad, and wasn't sure if someone realized just how much they meant to me.

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on Nov. 19 2011 at 7:06 pm
InfiniteRain BRONZE, Steinbach, Other
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this is very sad actually... made me want to cry , well written :)

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