Riding Life (Good Luck with Reality)

November 19, 2009
Dear Friend,

I'm sick of your Reality;
it's not much fun to ride.
You say, "Grab hold and don't let go,"
but in you I will confide:

Reality may work for you,
though I don't like it much.
I'd rather ride a purebred stallion
than this stubborn "butt".

So I've decided that I'm letting go
and finding me a horse.
I'll name it Life in spite of you;
but you wouldn't get it, of course.


Now I've got my stallion,
and, boy, I find he's tough.
He's running so fast it's hard to hold on,
but no doubt, this is so fun!

I sure hope that you're doing well
with your Reality.
Honestly, compared to Life,
it seems even more a donkey.


Life's been great and Life's been fun
now that I know how to ride.
I've been living "here" where dreams exist
and so far it's been a great time.

I'm living Life now and I invite you to come.
No need for silly mules.
We'll take a ride on my horse named Life
and I don't see why you'd refuse.

"I'm glad you're having fun, old friend,
but we're far too old for that game.
I stick to Reality, as you should,
instead of that horse not tame."

But do you not see, my friend,
that that is only half the fun?
The wond'rous half is seeing and doing
the things not yet seen or done!

"I pray that you will stop, little rebel;
you should've held to Reality.
I don't want to ride that stupid Life of yours! So go! Leave me be!"

I'm sorry that I've bothered you;
I will write no more.
I just wish that you could see
why I'd left before.

So I wish you luck on your journey
as we finally part ways.
Life really has been quite the ride;
I hope Reality was the same.

It pains me inside to leave you;
you're still so dear to me.
So I finish with an ending line:

Good luck with Reality.

Love always and forever, Me

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