The Great Canvas

November 14, 2009
By dReameRboy13 SILVER, Tarrs, Pennsylvania
dReameRboy13 SILVER, Tarrs, Pennsylvania
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"Live for tomorrow if not today, because things could always be worse, but you never know what tomorrow may hold... it could be the most important day of your life."

Enduring through the rugged heat of a
Mountain's mid-sky sun, the hellish rays
Blazing down upon us all, burning our
Skin a rich crimson- the blood of our
Spirits. Up and down, terrain both level
And unlevel; both bumpy and smooth. Each
Mile we conquer, another persists. Our journey
Seems to be never ending, and that boiling orb
Above continues to cook our tender limbs. The
Water runs low, but the moral, through the
Singing of the children, increases. We know we
Can make it through to the end- however far
That may be. Then, it finally comes: the top of
The mountain. We look down and I see how small
All of the large things seem.

I ponder about life ans its true meaning.
I wonder the Great Questions; why are we
Here? Who put us here? Why do any of us really
Do anything? For once in my life, I feel small in
The vast space that is our universe and world; I
Am now realizing that I am but a mere speck on
The canvas that holds our beautiful world's

Then I realize we are all merely specks,
And dots, and dashes; tiny and insignificant in the
Grand scheme of things, and yet powerful enough
To move mountains, give and take lives, even defy
Laws of the scientific world; we are able to fly like
Birds, dig like moles, and swim like whales, all whom,
Like us, are merely specks.

Take a moment, I implore, to see life through new
Eyes. Realize that you both matter, and don't; realize you
Are both nothing, and something; understand that your
Existence will both not matter one day, and also be one of
The most important events in the time span of this great

The author's comments:
Reflecting is done in so much more than a mirror.

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