Ballad of the Sweethearts

November 2, 2009
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Me: Since distance makes the heart grow fonder
Towards the south my mind must wander

Her: In my slumber and in my wake
I dream he came south for my sake

Me: Whenever to the south travels he
For your sake it will forever be

Her: And if you travel far and wide,
I will then be by your side

Me: Close to you, he would love to stay
And not prefer a life any other way.

Me: Can we speak this night?

Her: Nay,
It is but time for me to lay and rest, but how I wish I could speak with thee
For the nights grow sadder when I do not converse with thee
But I must sleep, for the night grows darker.
Over the sea, under the stars
Forever we’ll stay, flying is ours.
Sleep wonderfully…

Me: Alas! Tis a much sadder night than my day
Thou dost affect me in such a strange way
Enjoy thy slumber and have insightful dreams
A much longer night tonight now seems…

Her: Hopefully it works out…

Me: Worry not. Twill work out
Of this I have no doubt.
If we wish it, it shall be,
And we wish it frequently.

Her: If we wish it, it shall be
If we listen we shall see
If we speak it we have glee
Until the day that you see me.

Her: I would like to fly in this clear blue sky
Where the clouds do lie, you and I

Me: If in person our conversation could be
The flutters would surely assault me
Butterflies in me would multiply,
To the point of allowing me to fly
I would not mind
As I fly to the tallest hill,
On the summit maybe find,
You waiting for me still.
A brilliant sunset awaits us there,
But those colors do not surprise,
The only color for which my heart can care,
Is captured within your priceless eyes…

Me: May thy sleep grant peace to thy mind,
And may Fate keep our futures intertwined

Her: Close your eyes to this day,
And dream of your way,
To a place where the future is simply okay.

Me: Imagining when I will see your face almost seems
As if it holds a surreality only found in dreams.
Your image is one, and my names for you aren’t seen.
My love, my inspiration, my joy, my queen.

Her: The twentieth day is soon to come,
When I see your face in the morning sun.
Your smile will melt my whole inside,
Which of course, I will not hide.
On the twentieth day from this night,
We shall both reunite.

Me: Forever in my heart you will reside,
Just as the heart of groom or bride.
But what if I decide,
To push this number twenty aside
Tell me, would it be alright,
If I stood beneath your window tonight?

Her: The number twenty is only a time,
A distance, a state of mind,
Only a thought to make minutes go faster,
Only a veil to time hereafter.
Please Lucas stand below this place,
For I only long to see your face.

Me: Of the wind I am quite jealous
Of whipping whirlwinds oh so zealous!
It flows across your face and hair
I wish I could hold you like the air.

Her: Oh so lightly…
What a wonder words can be…

Me: Thou art the source of my happiness, as of late,
I have never been in a happier state.

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