October 18, 2009
remember that thrill we felt?
to me it never died
i may be showing you something else
only to hide the truth inside

i watch you from afar
so as not to get too close
for i'm afraid that if i do
i may get too strong a dose

I've had you once before
I want you to this day
Though i know it'll never be
because i've let you slip away

We were so young
Too unripe and too small
To know what we were doing
To think we had it all

Through time I've watched
You mature into beauty
In passion and strength
I wish you could see

You've become the pillars of my castle
a foundation surely set
the bliss of a memory
through time i wont forget

the reason for my birth,
the reason i'm still here,
for my happiness and pain,
for my courage and my fear

you may never know this
i hope you never do
for i cant bear for you to fall
the way i fell for you

I fell so hard i was meant to stay
In the earth beneath your feet
To lay there forever
To hear your beat

To listen for your dance,
Pound against the earth
Trying to release,
My shield from the dirt

To the sound of my heartbeat,
You continue to stride
Across my armor,
To be by my side

I want to let you in
But i'm afraid that if i do
You'll see the real me
And reveal my fragile hue

So i continue to lay
In the earth where i fell
Sway to other lands
Your affection i must repel

it was hard and it was sudden
i wouldn't want you to get hurt
Remain oblivious to this trend
of my nature so cold and curt

Of my detachment and indifference
and my untouchable shell
its only to protect me
from what i want so well

I could never tell you this
and i never shall
But, i will always love you
Goodbye, and Farewell.

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***Rain*** said...
Apr. 12, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Oh my gosh. I love it.
"you may never know this
i hope you never do
for i cant bear for you to fall
the way i fell for you" 

Amazing. No other word for it. The emotion in this piece is wonderful. (Two words. I lied.)


Would you mind looking at a few of my pieces? I would love your opinion on them. :)

Kristain replied...
Jul. 3, 2010 at 12:59 pm
Thank you!!!
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