Passion for Lacrosse

September 29, 2009
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As I step onto the field and take my place,
I positioned myself in front of the goal;
Our score was high but that wasn’t the case,
We needed to win with just one goal.

The draw was set as the ref stepped back,
And everyone went silent;
The ball was thrown up and with a whack,
The other team got it and went.

To where I am, I see the girl pass by
The other girls from my team;
She reached twelve meters and let the ball fly,
And the slow scene felt like a bad dream.

The ball passed by and the other team cheered,
But I didn’t care if my team had lost;
I congratulated the other team after we said our cheer,
But I still held my head high for I all need is my passion for lacrosse.

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