Birth Mother

October 5, 2009
You were fifteen,
Young and carefree;
When you found out about me.
So you put me up for adoption,
because there was no other option.

I knew you really cared,
And I knew you were scared.
But to take care of me,
you were impaired.

But someday I'll find you,
Believe me, I'll find a clue.
Because even though I don't know who you are,
you're my mother, and most loved by far.

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ElmoLover said...
Jun. 18, 2010 at 12:43 pm
my story is similar,my mother was young,not a teenager but young.she met my father and "made" me and then when he found out about me,he left my mother.My mother had me for a year and then gave me to my aunt.her and her husband gave me to my grandparents who were to old to care for me,so i was going to be put up for adoption,but my other aunt felt bad and took me she became my mom.i occasionally see my mother annd when i get older plan to find my father.your story was inspiring and shows me... (more »)
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