The Mirror

September 10, 2009
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One day a person came to me,
She was holding a mirror,
And was reflecting a marvelous light to me.

I asked her where she got it.
She told me and led me to Him.
And I asked Him about the Light.

He told me about it.
Asked me if I would like
To be like her and show others

Of course I was already
Loving it. I wanted others
To see it to.

So, I was given a mirror
Clean and shiny
Not a single blemish

He said "Use this.
And shine My light.
So others may see Me."

I said, "I will.
You may count on me."
And I took it home.

Put it on my shelf.
And waited for an opportunity,
So it got dusty.

Then I saw one.
Took it out as fast as possible
And tried to shine the Light.

But as it was dusty
No one saw it.
They only saw the dust.

So I brought it to Him,
He washed it and said,
"Always keep it with you"

So again I took it home,
And this time kept it with me.
I went everywhere with it.

But some people invited me
To do some things, but I couldn’t
Have my mirror with me.

So I dropped it there
And went with them.
I became accepted.

It was a great feeling,
But then as I went on
Another opportunity presented itself.

But I couldn’t find my Mirror.
And I was still with the people,
That invited me.

I said "One moment let me find
Something." And went to find it
Found it but there was mud on it.

I had no time to wash it,
So I ran back to them
And again tried to shine the light.

But through the mud,
No one saw it.
And I lost those friends.

So I took my caked mirror,
To Him again, and He cleaned it.
"Never leave it for others."

Again I took it home,
"I'm going to keep it at all times,
And not forget it for others."

I was set, I was fired.
Ready for anything.
I came to another opportunity.

And I had my mirror!
But I had doubts,
And I dropped the mirror.

When I heard it crash,
I instantly turned to see the horror,
The mirror had a huge crack in it.

So again I came to Him,
He took the mirror and fixed it.
"Don't drop it, be surer of it."

And once again I went home.
With this new found knowledge,
I decided to try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow came. I got up.
Took the mirror and hid it.
"Nothing can happen if it’s hidden."

And that’s exactly what happened.
Nothing. People came with questions.
I just hid it. They went away.

I began to feel bad.
My mirror was still looking new,
But they didn’t see the Light.

Well one day came,
Where I absolutely couldn’t
Find my mirror.

Nor Could I see the light.
Well some other day,
A Man came with a mirror of his own.

He again showed me the light.
I was for the second time
Amazed by it and asked him.

The man took me back to Him.
And He said, "Welcome back,
I believed you dropped this somewhere."

It was my mirror!!
I was about to take it,
But then I hesitated.

"How can You just give it back to me?
You saw how I've treated it."
And wanted to leave.

But He said, "I see the potential
In you. And I want you to show others.
Why do you think the man showed you?"

I hadn’t really thought about that.
But I was ready to take it again.
So I took my Mirror.

And I went home.
Took it with me anywhere I went.
And looked for more opprotunities.

Time came and went.
One day I tripped, dropping my mirror.
I picked it up, and it was scratched.

It was small, and looked insignifcant.
So I didn't bother to take it back,
For Him to repair it.

Well I tripped again.
And more scratches appeared,
Soon it became very scathed.

So I went to Him.
He asked, "What took you so?"
I said, "It was small."

He repaired it, handing it back.
I agian took it.
He said, "Nothing is small."

I smiled and took it back,
Promising not to do it again.
I came to the place I tripped before.

I tripped agian.
More scratches came,
And accumulated.

I got stuck in a rut,
That I wasnt willing to get
Out of.

I just took my scathed mirror,
And did my best to show
The Light to others.

It just wasn't working.
And I didn't really care.
Till someone else came along.

Another man came, he also held a mirror.
But unlike mine it wasn't scathed.
Nor was it broke or cracked.

He blinded me with the brilliant Light,
And showed me the way back.
I got it repaired again.

But I was sceptical to take it back.
Cause of all I was doing to it.
And honestly didn't want to take it back.

How was I, small and insignificant.
Couldn't even keep a grip on it,
That important to Him.

Again He said, "You have potential.
And I need you to show others.
You are one of many who trip."

So again I took my mirror.
But I reflected it to the first person
I met that day.

And she saw the Light,
And was curious as well.
So I showed her.

And now I still hold my mirror,
And keep it the best I can.
But I will still stumble.

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Jamesttt said...
Oct. 29, 2012 at 3:30 pm
That is all it was meant to do.
Jamesttt said...
Oct. 29, 2012 at 3:30 pm
That is all it was meant to do.
pinkypromise23 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 2, 2010 at 3:40 pm
hmm i  really like that. its well written(: 5 stars(;
Jamesttt replied...
Sept. 2, 2010 at 5:24 pm
Thanks for the comment
pinkypromise23 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Sept. 6, 2010 at 1:46 pm really made me think(:


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