September 18, 2009
By , stillwater, OK
when i wake up in the morning,
my life just keeps on turning,
colors in my head,
following me up ahead,
walking down the street,
just you and me,
laughing as were walking not knowing or even caring,
all we do is smile,
as we pass each mile,
counting all the cars that pass us by,as we say are hi's,
holding his hand,
as we walk upon the sand,
beaming in the sun,
as we have are fun,
playing on the swings,
wishing it was spring,
flying cross the meadow,
seeing are crazy shadows,
making silly faces,
dancing upon the daisy's,
acting like were airplanes,
as we sing in the heavy rain,
telling you how much you mean to me,as long as you can see,
that your my true bestfriend,
as we blend in together,
as we hold on to each other forever,as were both thinking how much we really love each other,
wishing we could be together,
but were only bestfriends forever, and ever!!!:)

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