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Devils pray to God

March 12, 2019
By L.Krasta GOLD, Tirana, Other
L.Krasta GOLD, Tirana, Other
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I promised I’d change.

I promised myself I’d grow and

Not continue my tale of woe

I promised my family,

To not give people things I didn’t owe

But god bless my soul

I’m from places most don’t go.

From places where my friends,

Didn’t bother veering knuckles.  

Their screams drowned out

By the bystander’s chuckles.

Blood leaked down their face so many times

People called it Satan’s wine.

And they drank it so eagerly

Along with the victim’s whines.

I promised I’d change,

I promised I’d get out of the neighborhood,

Where the devils prayed to god.

With their knees down and horns up

To their hand an iron rod.

A rod that burned upon my skin

So many times I can still feel it

With my hand upon my heart,

I hold it close in hope to heal it.

To heal what’s not broken,

But severely damaged.

My words best be left unspoken

Because I don’t think I’d manage.

The interrogation and all the questions

About my issues and my secrets,

Who is it I write about

And why are they my weakness.

I promised I’d change.

I promised I’d be calmer and collected.

I promised to let my past go and

To never again be neglected.

I’m loyal to the memory,

Of my foolish mistakes

But I will forget them with whatever it takes

Because they didn’t make me who I am.

They didn’t build me or my limbs.

Because I might be too aggressive

But I don’t dance on people’s strings.

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