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By Bprice GOLD
Argos, Indiana

As I walk in the shadows I see all going on around me. I see happiness and I see cruelty. Truly looking at the world through the actions of others gives you a new perspective...
Bprice GOLD, Argos, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss."- Hal Holbrook

#454842 Poetry
By harry2potter2nerd BRONZE
Zanesville, Indiana
harry2potter2nerd BRONZE, Zanesville, Indiana
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#454843 Poetry
By Abigail Hemmen BRONZE
Teutopolis, Illinois
Abigail Hemmen BRONZE, Teutopolis, Illinois
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#454844 Poetry
By Ashhlery SILVER
Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Ashhlery SILVER, Royal Palm Beach, Florida
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#454845 Poetry
Poem Tea MAG
By ElisaTheDuck ELITE
Rigaud, Other
ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
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#454846 Poetry
By Ravenclaw99 GOLD
Hartland, Wisconsin
Ravenclaw99 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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#454847 Poetry
By Megan Phillips
Fort Knox, KY
#454848 Poetry
By turbo_fetch BRONZE
Lusby, Maryland
turbo_fetch BRONZE, Lusby, Maryland
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#454849 Poetry
By k14mathis BRONZE
Palo Cedro, California
k14mathis BRONZE, Palo Cedro, California
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#454850 Poetry
By Picatso1 PLATINUM
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Picatso1 PLATINUM, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Not all who wander are lost - Lord of the Rings, J.R.R Tolkien
Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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