April 6, 2009
By Shayna Renzulli GOLD, Easton, Pennsylvania
Shayna Renzulli GOLD, Easton, Pennsylvania
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You can't slow my stride
I've got pride
I'd rather let myself die
Than weakly stand by your side
So don't try to shade my eyes
From your lies I can see what's inside
Into your soul into the cold
Into the hole
where your heart once beat
Before you kicked it to the street
Along with me and we
You couldn't see what we would be
Your eyes were closed intentions low
You couldn't stand to take it slow
But never did you hesitate
To throw me the bate
You used to say it was fate
But now all I feel for you is hate
After staying up late
Producing tears for years
Focused all on my fears
I didn't know what I would do
If I didn't have you
But it was never true
Just a sorry a** excuse
To take more then you could give
Without me you couldn't live
Or couldn't get what you wanted
You'd spend your time just hunting
On excuses to feed my every need
And you never missed a beat
And of course it was very clever
But the ties I've severed
Your storm I'd never weather
Or wanted to try
I almost let myself die
Getting closer to your side
But when the lightening struck
I woke up
And felt the weight of your rain
I could hear you call my name
As I ran the other way
And it's a fact I did look back
But I never turned around
Once my feet hit the ground
Back to my life I was bound
All you did was put me down
But now I'm higher than the sky
I've been on cloud nine
Ever since I used my mind
And finally opened up my eyes.

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