Loving Dependence

April 6, 2009
By , Londonderry, NH
I see you there.
You build me up to be great but is that how you really feel?
You publicly show your heart.
Is that a front?
Are you willing to let your guard down and let people in?
Am I?

I show confidence.
Is that my front?
My fun side flows freely.
My sensitive side locks away for tender moments.
I guard my actions.
Or is it my heart I'm protecting?

We have fun times but is there more?
Are you holding out on me?
Or am I holding out on you?

Where is the end of one shield and the start of another?
Does the armor have an end?
Do I every let my guard down?
Do I know how?

Of course but only with you.
You are my safehouse.
The keeper of every secret in my heart.
You are the one keeping me standing tall.

We are eachother's crutch.
We need eachother for happiness.
It is our way.
We are natural.
The way life is meant to be.
destined to be great but only together.
Never apart.

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