April 6, 2009
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When you don’t want to endure and last any longer,
realize your honor is to be something beyond yonder.
Raise your knees, lift your head, and become stronger.

Hold on for a while, a minute, and show us you’re okay.
Forget them, the world, and what everyone says.
Take a deep breath; imagine a life that takes your breath away.

When you’re tired and in distress, withstand.
When you’re sad and in despair, laugh.
No matter what, don’t let the abyss take away your better half.

When you feel like solving your problems is a challenge,
we’ll be sitting, waiting, to put on your bandage.
You’ll be just fine, no matter how long you’ve been probing at the damage.

You’re not what everyone is used to.
But it’ll be okay, because in everyone’s day, you’re their missing clue.
So smile for them, they all need you.

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