The Swing

April 6, 2009

I sit on a swing
And roll back and forth
Marveling at
The cool summer breeze
As it rolls through my hair
And I smile at the near tree
It’s tall reach towards the sky,
I know that it is my friend
A silent understanding to my silent heart,
And as I swing along
Listening to beautiful Nature’s song
I know that it is the perfect end
To an already perfect day

Then in the midst
Of what seems to be almost paradise,
She comes along,
Silent as that tree before me
And I would say more beautiful too
A warm smile crosses her face,
She sits down on the swing beside me,
We continue to swing
And I marvel at her grace
Still no words are uttered between us
Yet I feel a certain radiance emulate from her
Inaudible love and friendship are the only words spoken
Then as this moment comes to a close
She stops and I stop with her
We walk into the sunset
The perfect end
To an already perfect day

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