An Advarsary's Guilt

April 7, 2009
By Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
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Blood drips from my battered nose
And raindrops fall ruthlessly,
Puddles form down at my toes.
I stand vulnerable to nature,
Dark and wet I am defenseless.
My mind’s numbed with fear,
A broken record with a spear
Driving through my heart.
I am hurt all over, inside and out
And the thunder booms, expressing
My inner anger, shouting for me
Lighting illuminates the night sky
And all I see is my opponent,
He lies before me, in a worse state than I
Because every component that
Made his clock chime, is now crushed.
Pieces scattered about, spine not intact.
The darkness of night hides the fear
Imbedded within me, the anger so spastic
And now I cringe at the thought of a mother’s tears
Falling relentlessly on her son’s wooden casket

The author's comments:
Hey, I'm Austin I live in NY and plan on being a writer. I have two brothers, love to read, and do crew. I love poetry and could do it all day. There are many things in life that i question yet not in a sinister fashion. Inspire me...

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