I Am

April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

I am strong.
I am invincible.
I am impervious to any threat or danger.
I am wistful, witty, and wise.
I am independent.
I am taller than any tree, mightier than the highest wave.
I am more passionate and alive than any flame.
I am swift and agile, like a shooting star.
I am a star.
I am the sun, the moon, the planets, the galaxies.
I am the universe.
I am ageless, timeless.
I am confident and unique.
I am beautiful in every possible form.
I am alluring, sexy, and irresistible.
I am human.
I am all alone.
I am a young woman who can’t let go of her inner child.
I am clumsy and forgetful.
I am talented, and aspiring.
I am strong, yet I am also so weak.
I am sensitive.
I am a loving daughter, an envious sister.
I am a best friend.
I am a worst enemy.
I am my own worst enemy.
I am afraid to abandon my life here.
I am afraid to start over.
I am reckless and angry.
I am a virgin, a flower unwilling to bloom.
I am a bird who refuses to fly too far from the nest.
I am part of a dying world, a member of a failing society.
I am a piece of the puzzle.
I am aging with every breath I take.
I am a dreamer, and a schemer.
I am a singer, and a writer.
I am a student who learns more from my surroundings than from school.
I am loved, and I am respected.
I am a hopeless romantic who is terrified to fall in love.
I am flawed and imperfect.
I am myself.

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