There's a you,then a Me

November 30, 2008
By Eleah magnussen, Grand Rapids, MI

I try to be strong even tho your gone I cut and cry
I lie awake asking why
You held me tight,who cares about passers by
Your eyes are freightening delights
Always seeking a fight
Much to my dismay
Here i stray from my own comfort zone,i cant be alone
You make me believe Believe i can fly
Give me a high,A rush of astronomical butterflies
The stars will drink and dance just for you
Even all these fatal wounds,Will heal just by a glimpse from u my way
My heart sways
Like a ridgid bridge on a cold november day
You'll be everywhere and nowhere
You'll have everythig your way
For now lets leave "US" be
We need our distance
Ther will be an individual you, then a me
We'll get around
No need to frown
Thats all i say about this mishap
And thats a wrap

The author's comments:
This poem is about a guy very close to me.. and i wrote this when i was on the edge of death i felt i needed to share it

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