It's Gametime!

March 17, 2009
By Madi_Cocuzza BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Madi_Cocuzza BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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When lights come down,
Bets are placed,
And helmets are snapped into place
You know what time it is.
It's game time!

It's the game
Against the best.
One from the East
And one from the West.
All out throw down
To prove who's best.
It's game time!

They've fought,
Hard, strong, and long.
Through the wins and losses,
Through the rain and shine,
So they can play
One last time.
It's game time!

Who wants it more?
That's the true question.
Each team will go head to head.
To prove it,
To prove they are supreme.
It's game time!

Emotions are high
As opponents shake hands.
Heads, tails, receiver wins.
'Lets have a fair game,'
says the ref.
It's game time!

As the starting kick is about to be made
Fans are going crazy
Cheering for their team.
Players are breathing heavily,
Awaiting their chance to shine.
It's game time!

Blood, sweat, and cheers
Are all shed within
Four agonizing quarters
It's game time.

It all comes down
To the last final plays.
A pass of the ball.
A run for your life.
A touchdown.
It's game time!

At the end of the day
There is a winner and a looser.
There is fans cheering and fans crying.
The game has been played
And until next time,
There is a new champion in town.
It is no longer game time!

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