Burning the Egg

April 6, 2009
The black clouded sky hangs over my head and isn't easily lifted
It's been too long since I've seen that sun
Too long since I even had the strength to look up towards the great fireball of energy

Memories of my past come flooding back, filling my head with the disgusting
and nauseating memory of you
Your cold, controlling hands around my waist and somehow they just keep going
Lower, lower
While I lay there in utter confusion, with my 5 year old innocence being taken from me
Slowly, slowly
And you don't stop when she comes home, and notices what you are doing
No one stops you
So you just kept moving me closer to you
Closer and closer
Until the only barrier I have to myself, is broken through and used

Now that I'm old enough to realize what you did to me, I feel I am suffocating even more
Head spinning, palms sweating
The visions of you and everything, come back for the moment
And once again, I am no longer living in the present, but in the darkest part of my past
Someday I hope for the strength to let go of your burden of being
Battered and brusied
Someday i hope for the courage to tell someone about you and
The day you burned the egg
And everything that really happened
But for now I'm stuck in this web of lies and denial
With a head filled with shame and remorse

It seems, it can't get any worse

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