Passions Rebirth

April 6, 2009
By Angie GOLD, Schuylerville, New York
Angie GOLD, Schuylerville, New York
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Laying on my death bed,
With the final closing of my eyes,
The thudding crash of a gavel,
Whisks me away to another land.

Crumpled on the granite floor,
My mind rattles “Where am I?”
Then I heard a booming voice,
Call out to me:

“We, my friend, are the judges
In control of your afterlife.
Who you have been in your past life,
Will determine what you will become.”

Picking up my weary head,
Mine eyes lay rest upon five men.
Bickering as to where I belong,
Looks of amusement on their faces.

“Are you doing this just for the Hell of it?”
They bypass my question,
Without even a snide remark.
They’re too concerned as to where I’ll embark.

“My friend”, the rattling voice began,
”It seems the life you had, in truth,
Was not truly yours. Have you
Ever felt like this, left out at all?”

All I can think is how I never wanted to be me,
Feeling my true fate was naught but fatality.

The judges asked me,
With a serious tone:
“Should we continue your judgment?
Or leave it alone?”

Continuing on, they revealed to me:
“You have a choice in front of you:
Start a new life?
Or have your true life’s form?”

I thought to myself:
“Should I risk taking a chance,
And start life anew?
Or have what should have been,
My last life’s true?”

After much consideration,
I finally made my decision:
“Alone did I feel,
I won’t take that chance.
I want my true life at last.”

All of a sudden,
The room dissolved away.
I found myself sitting,
On a cloud in the sky.

I wondered what happened,
“Did they even care?
They played games with me,
And just cast me aside.

”They left me astray,
On a cloud in the sky.”
As I begin to cry,
A mystical group arose around me.

Staring bewildered,
I was approached.
He was a small man,
Half man and half goat.

I asked this strange creature
“Who am I?
And where is this strange land?”

With a snide little chuckle,
The centaur replied:
“You, my dear ma’am,
Are the Goddess of passion.
Did you bump your head,
And lose your rations?

“You are much higher then mortals,
My dear, but travel between
Both worlds through a portal.
Your job is very simple,
It’s no more then this:
All you must do is make true love exist.”

“How could this be?!”
I loudly decreed.
“I can’t be a Goddess!
For I am naught but a mortal!”

Before I could protest,
Their grasping hands.
I was pushed through the portal,
To yet another land.

What I am to do now,
I am unsure of.
Yet, with a quick glance around,
I know my true life has appeared.

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