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The Snow

May 23, 2018
By SKennedyno.19 GOLD, Hereford, Other
SKennedyno.19 GOLD, Hereford, Other
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It comes as a blizzard when the wind blows,
Flakes of white coming down from the sky,
Every winter people hope it snows,
And when it doesn’t children want to cry.
People go skiing on a mountain,
When the snow finally sets on the ground,
A man gets freezing water from the fountain,
While a skier skis over a snowy mound.
Snow setting down on the damaged road,
Snow setting on a palm of warmth,
And down the white road, the skier strode,
His warm palm starting freezing as he went north.
He now goes home walking past the frozen lake,
Back at his winter apartment, he lit a warm fire,
He enjoyed eating a warm piece of steak,
It was his last day skiing before he decided to retire.

After his retirement was announced the unexpected happened,
The sun was out and all the snow started to melt,
The blizzard bizarrely stopped which left him baffled,
The sadness of seeing the green grass was now widely felt.

It came as a blizzard when the wind blew,
Flakes of white came down from the sky,
People frowned as the snow drew,
And again children began to cry.

The author's comments:

It was snowing not long ago and I was happy but, it stopped and I put my feelings into a poem.

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