self destruction

April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Sodom, keep your arms wide open as I am coming
Gomorra embrace me, sinful city
For there is no understanding this unbearable feeling
That eats me night and day and destroys me.

Come on ! Let me dive in you pagan cities
And let my beggar-heart taste your sins
Swallow me and let me hide from His sight,
Which carries so much love that it scares me out.

Why can't you keep my eyes from seeing
And my heart from aching?
Why can't you cut the rope that ties me to Jerusalem
And save me from my shame ?

I can feel his tender gaze on my soul
Sending cold shrills up my spine
And I can feel Him trying to get him outta my hole.

Only I want none of that light
That might reveal who i really am
I want to dwell in the night
Or run away from my shame in the fight.

But even the highest fortress
Can not hide your children from You
And God, it is out of breath
That I turn around to confront you.

And I can no longer hide for you are just before me.
I can no longer survive, for the desert standing in front of me.
And I can no longer breath as the seas overwhelm me
I can no longer flee, as this is what I'm meant to be.

I am down on my knees before my God
Pleading teers are running down my cheeks
Will you free me from this corpse my Lord?
I know that my sins weren't so cheap.

From the wrecks of my heart the light explodes
Making my faults ever more so painful
They become much more bearable
As you are, God, more precious than gold.

I lay down at your feet,
All the fight that was my defeat,
I was humiliated when I could've been humble
But it was my own choices that made me stumble.

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