April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Babylon, faithless city
harmful as a jail
square as a knife
so many details,
in my mind ..the night.
Once again I failed
To keep myself in life.

Jerusalem, faceless city
Has become such a stranger
A wonder for my eyes to see
Condemned me for ever,
A sight from wich I can't flee
Making me the damned leftover
Of a blessed life in which i used to be.

Heaven, unreachable city ?
Such a sweet image lightening my face
A hopeful grin birthing in my eyes
AA strong yearning for this place
And my heart in the midddle of a fight.
Trying to get through this wall
out of this hole
Each time I stand up again
It is to crash once more and faint
Clutching desperately
For what I can almost feel
But not fully enough
To be filled.

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