A Dream

April 5, 2009
By Mariana09 BRONZE, Staples, Minnesota
Mariana09 BRONZE, Staples, Minnesota
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The breeze took the bubbles as they floated off our wands. Setting down our wands, we grabbed our apples. We ran up the small, grassy hill and threw ourselves onto the land. We rolled down it and laughed at nothing. Lying with our eyes closed and faces pointing towards the sun, we smiled. For the first time in my life I had felt part of something. I felt alive. Tears of joy ran down my warm face as I peacefully laughed. She looked at me with her brown eyes and gave me a hug. We layed there for what seemed ages. We cried, screamed, and laughed. We whispered to each other unforgettable secrets, but did not judge. We told each other our stories and laughed. We told each other our past and cried. We told of our dreams and hopes, and smiled. She pointed to the sky and
told me how she wanted to see the world. I pointed to a bird flying by and told her how I longed for freedom. We both pointed to the sunset and knew that it was over. We stood up and traded apples. Red for a green. We hugged and prayed to our god for another day like this. We were naive. Time passed and we went our seperate ways. Seasons passed and we stopped sending letters. Years passed and we somehow lost each other.

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