April 5, 2009
By Mariana09 BRONZE, Staples, Minnesota
Mariana09 BRONZE, Staples, Minnesota
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I layed motionless in the bathtub waiting for it to come. I could see my black hair floating by my face as I layed in the water. I had sunk in and closed my eyes for what seemed a moment.

I was just a kid and I did not understand when it first happened. It's our secret he would always say. I was so dumb.

I could still hear the water running but I couldn't get up to turn it off, even if I wanted to. I just layed there.

I moved away from him and later found out what had happened. I was older and realized what he was. He disgusted me.

The water was now overflowing the bathtub and spilling onto the bathroom floor. My parents are going to be pissed, but they'd understand.

As I got older I grew to hate him but hated myself more. He took everything from me and I let him. He stole my trust and happiness and left me with misery. I was his victim.

I could barely hear them calling my name and the two knocks on the door were faint. But I was too tired. I heard them trying to open the door but I was consumed by a heavy sleep.

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