Everyday is a Fresh Start

April 5, 2009
By Mc Wonder SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
Mc Wonder SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
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everyday is a fresh start
a new chance at life
the past is forgotten
today's a new fight

keep your head up
be strong and be brave
nothing in life
is easily made

work for your pride
live for your joy
yesterdays history
not your play toy

tomorrows a mystery
your not csi
today's here and now
it's all in your eyes

new goals for new days
new steps on the way
forgive and forget
and have no regrets

just plan for the future
forget what has past
you've overcome all those obstacles
already made those mistakes

they all made you stronger
they all helped create
the life you live now
gods plan and your fate

they help you live longer
help you win this long fight
you may think it's pointless
but it's gods plan for life

your life is a struggle
that's all worth the trouble
when you reach your big goal
when you win this long fight

oh the stories you'll have
to tell your new wife
your children will listen
so many people will hear

you won't be forgotten
your voice will be heard
just wait patiently
you'll fly like a bird

life's hard now
but just keep your faith
it all will pay off
when your voice

is finally


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