Machina Animata

April 5, 2009
By cassandraskye BRONZE, Moraga, California
cassandraskye BRONZE, Moraga, California
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With a stab of unnatural silence
politely (he believes)
condescending as an ocean wind

taunting with the sting of salt:

"You are too human for me"

belittling with the trappery of oxygen and gravity

I am pushed into the soil feeling less than that

Braying wounded
mewing helpless

O defective me

Nature takes its course
righteously (she knows)

"You cannot touch on the paths you have burned"

and the wrinkles in her weathered skin vanish

I only know inferiority

Cawing confusedly

roaring hopeless

O nameless me

Solitary heifer exhales truth
dying (she smiles)

welcoming me onto her stopover bed

awaiting acceptance elsewhere:

"You and I looked forward to this"

Nietzsche's tears wet the hay as I lay down

surrendering to my very purpose

I bow my head as his violin wails our exeunt

Breathing slowly

seeing nothing

O soulless me

I see myself - avast - gone as quietly as I had lived
my body feeds the ground
nourishing with recessive indifference a life to replace mine

The author's comments:
special thanks to Milan Kundera and René Descartes for their literary influence.

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