The Last Leaf

April 5, 2009
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So i'm sitting outside
staring at a naked tree
with only one leaf left on it.
the gentle breeze
makes the branches sway.

I blink, then blink again.
I blink a one more,
but this time, I keep my eyes shut.
I open my eyes
as the wind continues to blow.

My eyes start to water.
I squeeze my eyes shut,
and tears roll down my cheeks.

The last leaf on the tree
gracefully detaches itself from it's home.
fore, I envy this leaf
as the wind blows my hair,
making it dance in the wind.

I watch the last leaf float to the ground
then close my eyes.
When I wake the naked tree
is now swaying its branches
covered in green dancing leaves.

The last leaf that had fallen,
lay in the palm of my hand.
I wrap my fingers around the
fragile, brown leaf,
and squeezes it so it crumbles
into little pieces.

I open my palm once more,
and the wind begins to blow,
making the pieces of the destroyed leaf
whirl up into the air,
now free.

Fore, I envy this last leaf.

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SkaterGurl17 said...
Jul. 20, 2009 at 1:14 pm
i think you did pretty good.
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