summer remembrances

April 4, 2009
By kiana BRONZE, Calgary, Other
kiana BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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i sit by the window,
looking out on falling leaves,
and i remember...

pushing little ones in swings,
laughing at bumble bees buzzing by,
flying kites on windy days,
and walking through the rain, with you.

i sit by the window,
looking out on snow and ice,
and i remember...

falling asleep to the song of the birds,
waking up to the sun shining down,
the splash of the water as i jump in,
and staring at the stars, with you.

i sit by the window,
looking out on the melting snow,
and i remember...

the flowers that were blooming,
purple lilacs, red roses, so pretty,
sitting outside reading a book,
and dancing under the open sky, with you.

i sit on the grass,
looking up at the sky,
and i remember...

looking out on leaves, falling to the ground.
at the snow and ice, covering the land.
at the melting snow, running in rivets.

and i am happy,
summer is here.

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