I am Only ONE!

April 4, 2009
By JenniGymnast SILVER, Antioch, Illinois
JenniGymnast SILVER, Antioch, Illinois
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So now it is over and the time has come
When now I realize, you’ll be gone
Everyone has their own plan
We all want to go here
And we all want to go there
But when you stop and think
We’ll all be gone
No one left
But me
Standing as one
As one in an open plane
Letting the wind brush by
As if I were here
Right now floating
Living a life
A life not yet lived
Dreaming a dream
Not yet dreamt
Running a thousand paces in one
And now
I realize
I am only one
I cannot do everything
It is a part of life I now see
I am only one
Not one an army of
I came to discover
When I’m running here and there
I do less
Maybe that’s just it
Maybe I am less
Now I must sit and think
Who am I who must I become
I sit here as people look upon me
The speak of the beauty I with hold
I run to a mirror
I reply where
Why can I not see what you see
Why can I not see myself
I do so much
Yet feel so little

The author's comments:
I am one to sign up for everything at once and finally realized I can't do it all

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