Forever Nevermore

April 4, 2009
By Shaun BRONZE, Lakewood, California
Shaun BRONZE, Lakewood, California
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Shall I begin by simply stating
That these memories aren't fading
And the pain is not abating
So for now I'll drift away

In the hopes that maybe someday
Someday soon, please someday maybe
I may finally be okay
But for now I'll simply smile

For I intend to linger onward
In this world in which I lay
I'll press forward through the darkness
For that soon-to-come someday

And the music will soon guide us
Guide us now, and show the way
For as the world is drenched in chaos
These notes and chords will always stay

And the pain begins to lessen
And the silence, here, is broken
As if some spirit, here, has spoken
Let the fear we keep absolve

For that is all that keeps us halted
For the fear that we are faulted
Lest we be so less that perfect
Lest we stay upon this door

For that raven quoth before
That one word haunting always
Echoed onward through the hallways
Echoed onward "Nevermore"

But digressions are in order
For we cannot blur the border
Of the conscious and surreal
Or we'll be drifting once again

And I am merely stating
That the earlier, non-abating
Pain, for once has begun fading
And I can see a better place

And this better place I dream of
This state of mind I have concieved of
Is awaiting my arrival
And of those who need it too

Now we wonder how we got here
For it seems we got off-topic
But this is merely misconception
For this, intentions do implore

That you be a moment standing
Standing as in under, not as sitting
Like before?
I wish this rhythm break you'd ignore

For the ride we're undertaking
Can be calm and can be shaking
Making nonsense out of nothing
At least the silence, we're still breaking

And this pain which was forementioned
For strictly this, your own intention
Is what will remain forever always
No matter how much that it fades

So let me end by simply stating
That these echoes are abating
And the memories are fading
Only, Forever Nevermore
End Quote

The author's comments:
I wouldn't know to call it fiction or nonfiction... cause it's a little of both... take it as is.

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