April 4, 2009
Soaring above clouds on sweet love,
I caught a boy’s glance…
I saw him checking me out!
As if I was the sweet, sweet sugar in his coffee.
He couldn’t keep his eyes off me, as he followed me around.
I was seventeen
I saw him every day, twice a day in fact.
I fourth hour geography and eighth hour woods.
I tried not to let him notice me watching him,
But I knew he knew.
He was just too shy… that was all
Remember I was seventeen
I looked forwards to school each and every day!
I couldn’t stand the weekends!
Culvers became my new favorite restaurant,
He worked there, never when I went though.
Every time I walked by he couldn’t help but smile and give an eye.
I was seventeen
With all the passion building up … working up all my courage,
I finally came forth and asked, he said, “not anymore.”
I ran so hard and so fast, I made myself collapse.
I didn’t know where I was going, anywhere but here!
L aid there trembling with emotions inside…
I laid there seventeen

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