April 4, 2009
By AmyNicole BRONZE, Shawnee, Kansas
AmyNicole BRONZE, Shawnee, Kansas
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What is this?
What do I see?
Through the tears it is clear
He doesn’t want me
I thought you were the one
I liked what we had become
But you turned away

A dream maybe, or is it reality?
It the problem me?
All those memories
What happened to what we use to be?
I’m not giving up this easily

Your hand in mine
Our late night talks
And the laughs we shared
You said you cared
I guess you’re moving on
There must be someone else
Just one request
Don’t ever forget about us


The swing of a racquet
The bounce of a ball
You broke down my wall
I opened up
You saw my heart
How can we part?
You’ve said goodbye, I know it’s my turn
I can’t, this really burns


But now I’m just being silly
I’m fooling myself
Adios my friend
It’s the end

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