April 4, 2009
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Rejection echoes from all the walls around me.
It bounces off one, springs to the other, and back again.
I watched it steadily, waiting for it to hit me.
And it did.
It hit me so hard, it took every ounce of my strength to get back up again.
But I got up.
And I stayed around for alittle while.
It's worth it right?
If I don't do it, I'll never know. And it's better to know,
Than to live your whole life not knowing...
Well, thats what I thought at the time. I'd rather know
and be hurt.
Than not know and be fine.
Then it came and hit me from behind.
I wasn't expecting it
And it hurt so much worse from when I was expecting it.
So I lay on the ground, thinking to myself, again.
Get up, get up, get up.
It's better to know right? Than to not know?
I thought it over and my only reply was no.
I think I'll stay down here.
I'd rather not know,
and the ground is just so much softer.

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