No Real Men

April 4, 2009
By Anonymous

There are no real men anymore…
Just shells of wasted individuals, suffocated in their narrow-minded alleyways.
Their machoistic, narcissistic, chauvinistic ways, cages. Hold them captive to their primitive desires

Relinquish the guise. Your insecurities play out as if you had hung them out to dry.
Your foolish pride betrays you and I disguise a sneer

Give me just one man whose heart I can hear

when I press my ear to his toned chiseled chest.

But they tell me not to mess with the way things ought to be

To laugh and giggle appropriately.
As you tell your twisted jokes and smile to dazzle me

I heard love is blind
But I didn’t expect to be blinded by your flaws
To accept them for who you are.
To pretend that all I wanted was a boy who drove his daddy’s Porsche

But how dare you steal away from me,
my womanliness, my own personal brand of femininity.
Because who am I?
but a desolate queen, on a faraway castle, stuck in a liberated

As a sterile sorry excuse for a woman, because there are no real men left.

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