April 4, 2009
By Genevieve Moore BRONZE, Stanton, Michigan
Genevieve Moore BRONZE, Stanton, Michigan
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The angry sun beats down upon her back,
She’s gazing without emotion at those chipped purple toenails,
She breathes in deeply and takes a confident first step,
The cold water of the lake rushes over her feet,
Everyone sees her but no one knows what she’s thinking,
They can only imagine what’s going on inside the head of the lonely girl who sits at the edge of the crowd,
She dreams of a place of peace and prays strongly to God this will take her there,
Another breath and the water is brushing over her bruised legs,
The tears are leaking from her eyes now,
Not tears of sadness,
No she’s beyond that now ,
Tears of numbness,
No feeling is capable of breaking the seal that locked in her heart,
The murky water now swarms below her chest,
She is not afraid,
One last step and the water envelops her entire body,
She’s gone,
She found that place she was looking for,
I only dream it wasn’t this way she found happiness,
I’m not her,
I don’t know how she found that escape,
I gaze wistfully out over the lake that holds her spirit and only wish I was capable of being so strong.

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