The Eduemptycation

May 5, 2018
By Person_Noun BRONZE, Englewood, Colorado
Person_Noun BRONZE, Englewood, Colorado
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Contrarily, I don’t know why the liquor cabinet’s empty,
Is it because he’s buying      less
Or is it ‘cause he’s drinking      more

Similarily, I don’t know why the house sounds empty
Is it because everybody’s       asleep
Or is it ‘cause nobody’s       here

the autopsy ascertained asphyxiation
a death determined and diagnosed
by the empty lungs of the student body

We buried cyanide time capsules,
and Buried them with crystal and jewel;
Hoping that our pot fills with gold
Not smoke

We solved for the value of ex,
and Called it before leaving a text,
Hoping that if we do come back
It won’t be
In smoke

We’ve internalized individualism,
and It led to excessive recidivism
Hoping with glowing no smoking signs that
We can deal with this dire fire
That singes but
It can’t end up
As smoke

after  you all have labeled me, the Socratic Irony of emptily
  filling my depression with questions of my past transgressions
  because the faultlessness of mine is not the business mess of yours

before  you all have realized it, our doctors are more than our proctors
  because a teacher can reach her, look beyond physical features
  to show I need the education for your ascension of station

we’re alert and we’re aware
of what you thought was there
knowing it takes more than one match
to send a place up in
but there’s a rye and the catch:

in clarity, I don’t know why the pill bottle’s empty
is it because I’m not filling it      up
or is it ‘cause I swallowed it      down

with empty books filling empty heads in empty beds
with empty hooks filling empty nets with empty threats
our empty looks show I’ve been
breathing nothing
but air

between these fingers, nothing lingers
see; up. my

hands are empty

The author's comments:

Some people are high in high school. But what's important to remember is that no matter which one you may attend, high school is instrumental to learning and future- which means the school-to-prison pipeline, unwarranted recidivism, and college debt are all impacts that hit hard not only to kids but also to future workers and aspirants. Students are the most important stock anyone could possibly invest in; it's not bull, it's a bull market.

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